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Edulab Educational Exchange is the main company. Edulab’s first role was to get people to India. The main programmes pushed were internship, volunteering and theme programme (such as Bollywood discovery, Indian industry of textiles, etc.). Growing from success to success, Edulab caught the eye of various governmental associations such as the US state department, for which Edulab organised the US English access programmes, the Walloon government through their agency “Le Forem”, for whom they organise internship each year for 20-30 young graduates.

In 2016, Edulab has crossed another mile stone by being part of the SILICE project funded by the European Commission programme Erasmus +. The project aims at developing Social Innovation in Indian and Israeli Local Communities and Entrepreneurship student.

The future looks bright for Edulab: Mumbai University has asked Edulab to help with their internationalisation, more and more universities are being helped by Edulab in getting various funding for international programmes.

World Fellow.

Worldfellow was created to give a chance to the Indian Youth to get international exposure; and to regroup Edulab’s programme on a new platform. The success was immediate!

The Chinese Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) contact WorldFellow to organise a two week exchange between the Youth of China and the Youth of India. In 2015, a group of 15 students with one of their teachers and a member of WorldFellow flew to China for a two week educational, cultural and academic programme.

WorldFellow absorbed Edulab’s Outbound programmes (From India to the World) and some Inbound programmes (From the world to India). The internship programmes has been a success with 1000’s of students taking part in it.

Admission Desk.

Admissiondesk.org is the latest company to be created by the Edulab group. The aim of the company is to promote “Study in India”. India has a lot of potential for being a global leader in tertiary education: the price of tuition is relatively cheap, the teaching is of good quality and infrastructures are rapidly improving.

Admissiondesk.org has partnered with over 100 Indian universities both public and private with names such as Mumbai University, Lovely Professional University, Amity University, Jain University, SP Pune University, and many more.

In a short span of less than two years, over 1 million International students from over 85 countries were able to access Indian courses in various universities through Admissiondesk.org

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